50 Ways to Say I Do’ (HD Video, 2014)

Knox’ (appropriated news footage of Diane Sawyer interviewing Amanda Knox, 2014)


How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Tootsie Roll Center of a Tootsie Pop?’
(2013) Hi8 Video [sample] 2hrs 23min

bone palace ballet’
(2012) [Death & Disaster series]
appropriated video collage
appropriated security footage from Columbine high school w/ distorted locust mating call.

Judy Walk With Me’ (2012)
appropriated video collage
‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ Judy Garland, Carnegie Hall, April 23, 1961.
‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me’ dir. David Lynch, 1992

clear bright day’
(2012) [Death & Disaster series]
appropriated video collage.
‘9/11’ EuroNews, September 11, 2001
‘Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion’ CNN News, January 28, 1986
audio: distorted whale music

a night to remember / a day to forget’
(2012) [Death & Disaster series]
appropriated video collage
‘A Night to Remember’ dir. Roy Ward Baker (1958)
‘Hindenburg Disaster’ Pathe newsreel footage (1937)
audio: distorted 911 call by Nicole Brown Simpson

Untitled from christopher conry on Vimeo.

Nothing Rhymes w/ Orange #1’ (2002) 16mm; director/cinematographer
(currently digitizing)

The 33rd Parallel’ (2007) 16mm film; actor/director
Astronaut Mike Harris returns from space & the event horizon with secrets buried deep within his mind.

5th Avenue Shoes’
(2009) 16mm film; director/cinematographer
(currently digitizing)

The Green Room’
(2010) super 8mm; director/cinematographer
(currently digitizing)